How to prevent corn aphid?


Corn aphid hazards:
Corn aphids, mainly damage corn, sorghum, wheat, millet and other crops, to adults, nymphs sucking plant sap, aphids cluster on seedling leaf blade back and cause harm, adverse light corn growth, severe victimization, plant growth stagnation or Simiao. In addition, maize dwarf mosaic virus can also spread the disease, resulting in varying degrees of cuts.


Method of prevention and cure of corn aphids:

Method One:
Natural control for aphids
Attention the a large number of ladybird,hoverfly, Chrysopa perla,should avoid use chemical control, or you can use natural control for aphids.


Method Two:
Ought to provied befor the Aphids prevalent period:  1.Spray,Per 667 square meters with a 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 10-15 grams, add water 30 kg.  2.root zone application,Per 667 square meters with a 40% phoxim emulsifiable solution 100-150 - ml, mixed with fine soil 10 to 15 kg,on the incipient stage of corn aphids.Around the plant root zone open ditch buried.